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Chatline in Philadelphia
Chatline in Philadelphia

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Meeting And Chatting With Singles In Philadelphia

Meeting eligible singles in Philadelphia doesn’t have to be complicated. It could begin with just a call to one of those free local dating chat lines. For those of you who have fallen behind in your social lives and no longer know about the coolest clubs, the rockinest restaurants, the classic coupling corners and the less likely hook-up spots, fret not. Here’s the lowdown on some of the best places to meet singles and engage in urban chatting:

The Bicycle Club of Philadelphia

Look, bicycling is great exercise. According to online critics, the BCP doesn’t care if you’re fresh off training wheels or practically professional. They have group and weekend rides for everyone.

Dating Chat Lines
Dating Chat Lines

They also have social events such as BBQs and parties. Spandex is said to be optional. Think about it, if someone is interested in you when you’re working up a sweat riding a ten-speed, you know they’ll want you when you’re dressed to impress. The club has a diverse membership that includes adventurers, social butterflies and business types.

Dog Parks

Guys with dogs get more tail. (Was that remark too rough?) Seriously, a dog can be a great icebreaker if you don’t know anyone who can lend you a cute little kid.
Experts suggest checking out the petite park by the Art Museum located at 26th Street and the Ben Franklin Parkway. There’s also the Harford Park situated at 260 Gulph Creek Road in Wayne and Miles Park found at Germantown Pike and Joshua Road in Lafayette Hill. Canine cruisers include adventurers, social butterflies, business types, single parents and gays.

Germantown Cricket Club

This is reputed to be the club for active singles. They have a wide variety of activities such as bowling, jazz-night dinners, lobster fests, parent-child tennis (no clue), squash mixers, swimming and wine evenings. The club operates out of 411 West Manheim Street in Germantown. Members include social butterflies, business types, single parents and intellectuals

The Landmark Theatres FIlm Club

If you like indie movies then check out The Landmark Theatres Film Club. Even if you don’t end up in the back row with anyone, you get free movie tickets and free passes to different events at the numerous Ritz locations. The pundits note that the The Ambler Theater does “Saturday kiddie matinees”. (Do you drop off the kids and hit the local motel?)

Hook Up Chatline
Hook Up Chatline

There are also “First Thursday” events. These involve the classic “dinner and a movie”. Members include single parents, intellectuals and creative types.

Meet Market Adventures

MMA has an active Philadelphia chapter. They put on a variety of activities due to the efforts of the website’s local representative. Activities include martini-making classes, photography clinics, poker nights and tailgate parties. The events draw big crowds so their events reputedly take the potential awkwardness out of first dates. Members include social butterflies, business types, creative types, intellectuals and (to a lesser extent) adventurers.

MilkBoy Coffee

The MilkBoy Coffeehouses are arts-themed. They also feature live music, poetry readings and open-mic nights. There is a weekly BYOB Happy Hour event for singles under age 35. The weekend-morning “Milk and Cookies” variety show draws in a lot of single parents. Also seen at this venue are social butterflies, creative types and intellectuals.

Punk Rock Flea Market

Last but not least, is the Punk Rock Flea Market which comes but twice a year. It is held at the Starlight Ballroom in the summer and in December. You can check out the locals selling artwork and miscellaneous memorabilia. Experts say you can pick up a vintage concert shirt and a date all at once. It is attended by a lot of adventurers and creative types.